Our services

Diagnostic | Strategic Advice

Through its unique strategic analysis process, ALCT is a true springboard to ensuring potential savings. Thanks to its unique expertise, our team of specialists is both your vital shipping industry reference as well as your trusted partner.

Best Audit

Our specialized services and our expert audit software enables the processing of thousands of transactions weekly. Our program optimization quickly improves your company’s performance by providing you with real savings of as much as 9% of your total annual expenditures within the first year.

Claims Management

Through our claims management process, we are dedicated to supporting you in the complex claim compensation process and coordinating all of the steps and deadlines along the way.

ALCT Express

ALCT Express ensures your special transport management. Our negotiating skills allow us to reach out to thousands of partners worldwide, with the objective of providing you with an efficient and speedy customized solution.

Customer Service

Thanks to our commitment and passion, ALCT builds long-lasting business relationships with its clients. Our courteous and committed experts support you in an advisory role with their customized approach.

Customer Zone – Description

Accessible once you are registered, the Customer-Zone allows all of our customers to take advantage of instant and full budgetary and operational transport exposure.